30 March, 2007

I've tryed... Google

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Today I made a proposal to google. Their engineers (Dmitriy Popov and Artem Boycov were very kind. Artem X from google headquarters have promised to show it to somebody. It's great.
Hire it is:

Currently linux users searching for new packages are facing the following procedure:
try and install via already configured package manager.
If fails:
search for a URL of a trusted packages repository of a given, corresponding linux distribution
addition of that repository in a special format into “enabled” repositories list of their package manager.

The first stage usually takes long since there is no dedicated search item for this purpose
the second one is not typo-free.

Both stages can be automated, if google.com/linux search could add certain special search terms, like: “deb: openoffice” etc.
this can:
improve the new software search experience
be incorporated as google desktop item or special firefox extension to actually manipulate/install packages on users local machines
allow a reliable anonymous statistics gathering about linux usage habits
it is possible to create rating of misc packages popularity to analyze market needs for investing in certain areas of linux software.
One of the ways of automation is creating service which gives to user information for direct pasting to sources list.

The rumour says the coming GoogleOS will be linux based. This application can make the package installation/addition make a very easy, intuitive and effective, and fortify google image in the linux/bsd users eyes.

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