22 April, 2008

GSoC 2008 has started!

Cool! I was accepted! I believe I will do everything I have promised to do.

Our life is a very interesting and complicated thing. First my nick was fox, but I saw the name of firefox webbrowser and became powerfox. But those time I used IE (yes, this buggy MS product, but don't punish me: I was just an HTML+JS guy with MS Windows XP on the board). And this year I wrote several patches for firefox: very simple, but first success in the Open Source development. And there is about 3.5 years between getting the nick and these days! Like some people say: your name may do your life. I saw some guys with nicks like MSbug, I wonder what they do in development :D Do they develop IE? Maybe )
My first post here is about proposal to google (at those time I didn't know about GSoC and also wasn't able to do even simpler development). And now I have a chance to develop Open Source project and I get founds from Google!
And... What's more? I always have to protect Open Source from my mates. There are many people who doesn't believe it is even usable, and of course they don't believe you can earn money working for Open Source. After finishing my project I will have a powerful argument (my GSoC'8 story) to show them the truth. And also as Always I have Kubuntu CD's — best pills for your computer *

*As a man who have a small contribution to KDE translation I don't like the way *Ubuntu developers work with other communities. And their localization often broken (not the same as kde-ru and often worse). They do a good distro, but now I prefer OpenSUSE.

P.S. Heh, I don't know how I will finish this semestr. I'm ready for preliminary researches and coding but not for playing with university subjects... But discrete math and some other things rule :)
P.P.S. It's stupid to write so much when nobody reads it :D


Anonymous said...

My congratulations :)

> nobody reads it :D
Not true ;)

Evgeniy Ivanov said...

>My congratulations :)

>> nobody reads it :D
>Not true ;)
Thanks again! Will try to write more :)