31 May, 2008

New cute souvenir from Google :)

Yesterday I got my GSoC card :) It's really cool, it's Google styled!
Google, thanks for your GSoC programme!

17 May, 2008

Linus about Git.

Don't remember if I have already published the link, but it is worth to be watched multiple times.

10 May, 2008

Hacking KDevelop with Git, Part1 (kdevplatform)

This post was published here: http://www.kdevelop.org/mediawiki/index.php/KDevelop_4/Using_Git_for_Development
All updates will be done there!

KDE uses SVN, so you have to use git-svn. A good place to start. And of course man git-svn ;)

First you need to get kdevplatform:
git svn init svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/KDE/kdevplatform kdevplatform
cd ./kdevplatform/
git-svn fetch -r805610

You may find the revision number here.
Later to sync with SVN just use
git-svn rebase
You may have some build problems, which are discussed below.

If you want to hack kdevplatform you must work in your own branch:
git checkout -b my_cool_idea
Now you are in your new branch. Hack it without any fear. Note: to sync with svn use only master branch:
git checkout master
git-svn rebase

Then you may merge updates from SVN with your code:
git checkout my_cool_idea
git merge master

Now try to build kdevplatform, but at first read carefully KDE techbase: http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Set_up_KDE_4_for_development

Be sure you're in your own branch (not master)
git branch

Oops! Missing files (directories):

CMake Error: Cannot find source file "/workspace/gsoc/kdevplatform/plugins/quickopen/expand
ingtree/expandingdelegate.cpp" for target "kdevquickopen"

The reason is that there are some svn:externals in the repository. See the end of my previous post. I'll show how I prefer to solve this problem.
Let's find what externals are missed:
fgrep "svn:externals" ./.git/svn/git-svn/unhandled.log

+dir_prop: plugins/quickopen svn:externals expandingtree%20svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/KD

Ok, we have a repository.
cd ..
mkdir kdev_externals
cd ./kdev_externals
git-svn init svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/KDE/\
kdelibs/kate/completion/expandingtree expandingtree
cd ./expandingtree
git-svn fetch -r801352

The revision I took here.
Now go to the kdevplatform directory and create symlink:
cd ../../kdevplatform/plugins/quickopen/

Now build kdevplatform and enjoy! And if you have some problems now you know what to do ;)

P.S. Don't forget to update your externals. And use fgrep dir_prop ./.git/svn/git-svn/unhandled.log if something missing.

P.P.S. Some paths look here bad, strange behavior of blogger (if i type in 1 line they're cutted).

P.P.P.S. Feel free to comment :)

09 May, 2008

Using git with your SVN -based project

Git is the best DVCS ever. You may google about its advantages, so I will write about things I really like:
— Git is really fast. Even switching mozilla's branches doesn't take a lot (about minute or two on my Celeron 1.6M/1Gb RAM). So you're free to create any number of branches and play with them without problems.
— Git is DVCS, it means you have own local repository — you can commit offline.
— Merging. I haven't enough experience with it, but it should be ok. Don't worry to work on different things located in the defferent branches: you will not get much conflicts.

Just start to hack with it: http://git.or.cz/#documentation

But working with KDevelop tree I got a little problem with svn:externals. Unfortunately Git doesn't handle it. But you may look on this to solve the problem.
Perfect article about this issue: http://panthersoftware.com/articles/view/3/svn-s-svn-externals-to-git-s-submodule-for-rails-plugins
Also you may use another method (don't like it and in my case doesn't work).

08 May, 2008


Твой друг помогает надеть броню, ты берёшь своё оружие, не просто оружие, а СВОЁ ОРУЖИЕ, то, которое чувствует тебя и ты чувствуешь его... Ты берёшь оружие, догоняешь патрон в патронник, щёлкаешь предохранителем и выходишь из помещения. И ты не один... С тобой такие же парни, как ты. Те, с кем ты пошёл раз и навсегда выбранной дорогой. Но сейчас это тени с оружием; у каждого мысли о своём: дом, семья, дети... Кто-то думает, а что если... Нет, мы справимся, мы всегда справляемся... Поворот головы направо: такой же человек в броне, видны только глаза... Чёрная маска... Через час он будет с нами или ТАМ? А я?
Но приходит время и у всех в глазах загорается огонь... Пора... Момент истины настал. Тени оживают и несут смерть во имя спасения.
— Всем подразделениям на исходную!
— Смерш 1 на исходной!
— Гром на исходной!
— Альфа 13 на исходной!
Затем слышен лишь треск помех... В голове у каждого одно: «3, 2, 1»...
— Всем подразделениям штурм!
И всё приходит в движение: шум, крики командиров «Пошли, пошли, парни! Вперёд!», выстрелы, БТР рычит и несётся к зданию...

И вернулись не все...

01 May, 2008

KDE4-ru Translation Day, results.

Today Russian KDE team had a first KDE4 Translation Day.
Unfortunately we didn't get much contributions, but some work was done:
Now kdeqt (by man with nick snaring) has 24 (before: 479) unstraslated and 47 (81) messages. Statistics for katepart4 is 27 (was 121) and 29 (129).
Also we got from Vishnikin Sergei fully translated krunner_bookmarksrunner.po, kcmsmserver.po, rellinks.po, babelfish.po, desktop_kdetoys.po, kcminit.po, plasma_engine_dict.po, konqsidebar_mediaplayer.po, autorefresh.po, krunner_calculatorrunner.po (all them are about 189 entries). It is the first contribution from Vishnikin Sergei, so we happy to congratulate him.
Also we hope to get some more translations a bit later.
After check-in I will be able to show some graphs, not very exciting, but for first time not too bad.

Thanks to everybody for their translations!