01 May, 2008

KDE4-ru Translation Day, results.

Today Russian KDE team had a first KDE4 Translation Day.
Unfortunately we didn't get much contributions, but some work was done:
Now kdeqt (by man with nick snaring) has 24 (before: 479) unstraslated and 47 (81) messages. Statistics for katepart4 is 27 (was 121) and 29 (129).
Also we got from Vishnikin Sergei fully translated krunner_bookmarksrunner.po, kcmsmserver.po, rellinks.po, babelfish.po, desktop_kdetoys.po, kcminit.po, plasma_engine_dict.po, konqsidebar_mediaplayer.po, autorefresh.po, krunner_calculatorrunner.po (all them are about 189 entries). It is the first contribution from Vishnikin Sergei, so we happy to congratulate him.
Also we hope to get some more translations a bit later.
After check-in I will be able to show some graphs, not very exciting, but for first time not too bad.

Thanks to everybody for their translations!

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あるみころぬくん said...

Thank you guy.
I got my first experience and i want to help with localization of kde. But I do not know where should I send my work.