09 May, 2008

Using git with your SVN -based project

Git is the best DVCS ever. You may google about its advantages, so I will write about things I really like:
— Git is really fast. Even switching mozilla's branches doesn't take a lot (about minute or two on my Celeron 1.6M/1Gb RAM). So you're free to create any number of branches and play with them without problems.
— Git is DVCS, it means you have own local repository — you can commit offline.
— Merging. I haven't enough experience with it, but it should be ok. Don't worry to work on different things located in the defferent branches: you will not get much conflicts.

Just start to hack with it: http://git.or.cz/#documentation

But working with KDevelop tree I got a little problem with svn:externals. Unfortunately Git doesn't handle it. But you may look on this to solve the problem.
Perfect article about this issue: http://panthersoftware.com/articles/view/3/svn-s-svn-externals-to-git-s-submodule-for-rails-plugins
Also you may use another method (don't like it and in my case doesn't work).

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