13 July, 2008

Basic support of most popular DVCSs is ready :)

I've finished Bazaar and Mercurial basic support in KDevelop. Writing Bazaar plugin was very painful: still don't know why KDevelop wasn't able to load it (diff shows nothing interesting).
The code is already in the KDE's svn repository :) But to get KDevplatform you can use my git repo ;)


nickless said...

Nice work, even though I don't really use KDevelop :)

powerfox said...

Thanks :)
Since you're KDE user, you can start using KDevelop4 when it is ready ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome!. Really good to see this. I really missed git support in kdevelop.

Will it make for inclusion in kdevelop 4?

Claudio said...

Sorry, I forgot to sign

powerfox said...

Thanks Claudio.
It's already in KDevelop4's trunk, so it will. Also there will be branching support (almost finished) and some UI (like in QGit, maybe I will even reuse some that code).