20 August, 2008

GSoC is over

Unfortunately GSoC has finished. It was a wonderful adventure: I got new friends, wrote some code (~8350 lines counted by "wc -l", so it includes all crap) and learnt new interesting things. I can say that after today's commit to my git repo (with a lot of changes to yesterday's commit, which is evaluted) I implemented all things I promised. But some things still require a lot of love.
I want to thank all people helped me during this summer:
Alexander Dymo(adymo, KDevelop) — My mentor who is strong both in GUI and Git.
Andreas Pakulat(apaku, KDevelop) — The man who can help with any part of KDevelop(or maybe even ith whole KDE && Qt).
Shawn O. Pearce (spearce, Git) — A man who is not in KDE, but who contacted my mentor and me to suggest his help.
Marco Costalba — QGit author, explained a lot of code from QGit.
Paul Mackerras — Gitk author, explained some basic algorithm (building rev history).
All guys from different IRC channels, mailinglist.
And of course Google for the amazing Open Source Program: Google summer of Code!

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