29 October, 2008

"Antitrust" movie and do THEY reuse free software in proprietary?

Just finished watching Antitrust movie (aka hackers 3). It's really amazing and it's worth to watch this movie. I remember there was similar story about lawyer and big company (maybe even two stories), but this one is about software development: you can see Unix systems running on movie's computers, Open Source hackers, and M$ (Titled "Nurd" in the movie).

But it's really interesting how much open sourced code is stolen by proprietary organizations? I'm not sure if there are special tools to check binaries (anywhere clean up should kill traces). And the code is just a form of ideas, so somebody can steal ideas and rewrite the code. Just imagine: they have all things to look for: process/memory management (Linux, *BSD, Hurd), filesystems, any multimedia applications, IDEs, browsers... They have all things to look for fresh ideas.
Just think: any professor who works with operating systems would say that he works with theory, and in a real projects most things are always done in another ways. You can have a cute design, emulators, whatever you want, but seeing the result of development is always better, than designing and analyzing. And what abilities do proprietary companies have?
They have an ability to analyze all technical decisions come from Open Software. What stops them from reusing it? Yeah, you might say there are some Windows sources. But I didn't heard somebody has built it. Of course they have enough money for reimplementing interesting ideas from open source, so I don't mind somebody porting linux kernel code to windows. And of cource I don't mind them spying on genius developers: just on their repositories ))
And the last one: nobody knows what you can find in proprietary software. All computers (most) are connected to the network, most of them uses windows update service. Do you rememebr "I, robot movie"? What if all MS windows copies die tomorrow?..
It's obvious that MS impact on the WORLD is too huge. Much huger, than it should be (please, tell me: what idea did they produce? Just C#? And look on unix impact on technologies from 1970). Ok, they really have some gold ideas, but not revolutionary. Google (I like them, their sevices and they paid me $4500, presented a book and were very kind) has a big impact on the internet. Now we have two corporations are controlling more than 80% of users: do you use Microsoft Windows to run google services? ;)
Please don't tell that they have pretty buttons: open source sometimes lucks of usability, but not interesting technologies.
This movie made me a bit paranoiac and maybe it was better to use very rare (these days) spare time for coding few lines...

25 October, 2008

Russian secret helicopter forces

Secret planes engines are here: http://pilot.strizhi.info/2008/10/14/5743
Enjoy :D

17 October, 2008

Unix commands pattern )

I was reading advance bash scripting today, when my friend Void pointed me to a strange pattern in the naming of unix commands:

gawk, talk, date, wine, touch, unzip, strip, finger, mount, fsck, yes, more, umount, make clean, sleep


By the way (from Void): funny man pages!

10 October, 2008

KDevplatform statistics

Few weeks ago Amilcar (KDevelop) got some statistics about kdevplatform:
Top 10 Authors
Author Lines of Code
apaku 89997 (35.6%)
mbreugel 43571 (17.2%)
rodda 39145 (15.5%)
zwabel 33522 (13.3%)
eivanov 12591 (5.0%)
apol 10234 (4.1%)
dukjuahn 8199 (3.2%)
dymo 4624 (1.8%)
ccpasteur 3532 (1.4%)
vprus 1874 (0.7%)

Green life?

Yesterday I got a letter which made me happy. I got cold, then warm and cold again.
I hope I will be able to write more at the end of next week. Independent of result it can be interesting. Oh, sure: it will. Little prompting is on the picture.
Who knows me will understand ;)