19 August, 2009

I'm back...

Now I'm back. It was a very hard year for me, but now I'm better and do everything to keep going.
To raise my spirits I've done two things:
  • I've bought eivanov.com. It will be used as alias for this blog until I have something special.
  • Installed SyntaxHighlighter, which should be useful for posts containing snippets (see previous post for example). If you want the same I recommend to use this Howto.
Very soon I will post about adding view permission and simple ACL support to Django Admin application. I've implemented it in February, when I worked in Gamekeeper company.

Also during last month I've implemented support for Hardware FPU in Minix. Probably I will just summarize this small OS dev experience, since this project mostly is about reading Intel doce, reading minix book, writing piece of code and playing with nasty ASM bugs (I was new to ASM, when started the project).

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